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ISLAND la lalareunion

France in Indian Ocean

By moving to lalareunion, you can also say goodbye to the cold. All year round, you can enjoy a tropical climate. The gardens, distilleries and even museums bring a unique atmosphere.

The island of lalareunion is a true Garden of Eden. Between jungle and beaches, it displays its tropical landscapes in a postcard setting. Authentic, it offers a host of activities and stays, whether you are a fan of marine sports or prefer to be interested in local culture and gastronomy. Distilleries, large estates, plantations, monuments, museums, animal and floral parks, hot water springs, volcanism, all trips are possible here for the greatest happiness of all.


The culinary specialties of lalareunion

The culinary specialties of lalareunion Spicy and tasty, Creole or mixed: many specialties from around the world have mixed to offer lalareunion Island unique recipes favoring peppers (kids, or martin which is sometimes called “bird pepper” because this species is responsible for its dissemination) . Just like spices like the very fashionable Turmeric sometimes called Saffron Péi and which is used as a composition for Curry. You will recognize among the famous Creole culinary specialties: chili pepper bites; the famous curry, the lalareunionese samosas (smaller than the Indian ones) without forgetting the Creole pâté or the potato cake…


Beaches in LA reunion

Le Piton de la fournaise

La Grande Soufrière, or simply Soufrière, is an active stratovolcano on the French island of Basse-Terre, lalareunion. It is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles, rising 1,467 m high. The last magmatic eruption was in 1580±50 during which the current lava dome was emplaced





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  • Alpinism
  • Plongée
  • Canyonings
  • La plongée
  • Equitation
  • Golf
  • Parapente
  • karting


  • Huguette Bello
  • The election of Huguette Bello at the head of the inverted pyramid took place this Friday morning. She becomes the 2nd woman at the head of the Regional Council after Margie Sudre.
  • "Le poulet boucané"
  • West Indian blood sausages: a must for Creole and Christmas cuisine. Discover our range of succulent Creole blood sausages cooked in the traditional way. Our blood sausages are not spicy but very spicy and spicy. Find all your favorite flavors of West Indian blood sausages, from black to white: black pudding, plain white blood sausage, crab white blood sausage and even cod flavor.