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Presentation of Pays de la Loire Region

The Pays de la Loire region is located in the west of France and bordered by the Bay of Biscay. It includes part of the Loire Valley, renowned for its vineyards. Among the imposing castles in the valley are the Château de Saumur, a medieval fort perched on a hill housing a museum dedicated to the town, and that of Brissac, with 7 floors and period decoration. Nantes, the region's prefecture, has the moated castle of the Dukes of Brittany, transformed into a museum.

The Hauts-de-France region enjoys a privileged geographical position in Europe. At the crossroads between France, Benelux and England, the region offers direct access to 5 European capitals: Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, London and Amsterdam. From Hauts-de-France, you can access a huge market in 3 hours. Within a radius of 300 km, you reach 78 million consumers, or a quarter of the European population. This market, which extends over 6 countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, England and Germany), represents a purchasing power of 1,500 billion euros. From a logistical point of view, the geographical location of Hauts-de-France facilitates the shipping of goods to your consumption areas. In addition, the Hauts-de-France territory has another advantage: its maritime facade. Dunkirk and Calais both rank in the top 5 French cargo ports. The region is also very close to other major European ports such as Dover or Rotterdam.

100 yeArs war !

It opposed two kingdoms for decades, and modified the contours and history of France and England. A look back at the highlights of the Hundred Years' War.

At the beginning of the 14th century, several factors favored the birth of this conflict. In addition to an economic crisis due to the increase in seigniorial taxes, tensions accumulated between the Capetians and the Plantagenets for control of the Duchy of Guyenne. But the real trigger for the Hundred Years' War occurred with the death of Charles IV, the last son of Philip IV the Fair.




  • Christelle Morançais
  • Christelle Morançais was born on January 28, 1975 in Le Mans (Sarthe). She followed her entire school career there, at the Montesquieu and Touchard high schools then at the Higher Training Institute, a business school in Le Mans.
  • The Pays de la Loire Region is proud to have been the first French region to build a Regional Hotel. The decentralization that we know today is the result of a gradual process which allowed local authorities to gain autonomy and skills. It's Olivier Guichard, former minister of General de Gaulle and President of the Region, who initiated the construction of this building following the Deferre laws of 1982 on decentralization. The Hôtel de Région is symbolically located in Nantes, regional capital, and between two arms of the river which gives its name to the territory. It is in fact the Loire and its tributaries (Mayenne, Sarthe, Maine) which carried part of the destiny of our region from Anjou and the interior lands to the ocean and its maritime adventures