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Innovative natural solutions for profitable and respectful breeding Since 2013 France Aliplus has been developing, manufacturing and distributing its French natural solutions, for breeding that respects animals, nature, consumers and breeders.
Ruminant nutrition and prevention in breeding, since 2013 CREATED in 2013 by a FRENCH BREEDER the firm FRANCE ALIPLUS INVENTS, MANUFACTURES AND DISTRIBUTES new innovative TECHNICS, NATURALS, PROFITABLES AND RESPECTFULL for ruminants NUTRITION and PREVENTION in ruminants breedings. France Aliplus it is a RESEARCH and manufacturing center for breeders’ solutions between breeders (dairy cow feed, fattening cattle feed). It is a PILOT FARM where all the techniques proposed are first of all tested for their real effectiveness, profitability, harmlessness and long-term benefits for animals, soils, plants and the environment. It is also, A COMMUNITY of thousands of BREEDERS all ruminants – all productions – who have been using solutions between breeders on a daily basis for almost 10 years ON approximately 400,000 ANIMALS DAILY and who participate in the development of our programs.

High-end, cost-effective innovative nutrition
The products offered and manufactured in France by France Aliplus are centered on INNOVATIVE NUTRITION IN SHORT CIRCUITS, ANIMAL WELFARE, PRODUCTION QUALITY , PROFITABILITY OF BREEDING. Exclusively inspired by the real needs of livestock, our solutions are inspired by the specific biology of ruminants and aim to use at their maximum, farm or local resources.


French products invented here




Each of our products is designed by us, with different specialists (biologists, soil life, plants, nutritionists). Our CARDINAL OBJECTIVES are : ANIMAL WELLFARE, SYNERGY, BEETWEEN ANIMALS, SOILS, PLANTS, PROFITABILITY,RESPECT of the ENVIRONNEMENT and of the BREEDERS, the high QUALITY of ANIMAL PRODUCTIONS

France Aliplus, natural techniques for the health of all livestock


For Samuel Michaud (breeder established since 1995, founder of France Aliplus in 2013) WE MUST research and CHOOSE NATURAL TECHNIQUES, RESPECTFULL of environment, of ANIMAL HEALTH and of PRODUCTIONS QUALITY, and that also RESPECTS THE BREEDER’S WALLET and profitability. Thus, the techniques proposed by France Aliplus preserves the health of the animals and the cycle animals, soils and plants, which constitutes the richness of the farm in the long term and guarantee a high quality of the productions. And so, OUR METHODS ARE always SELECTED FOR THEIR PROFITABILITY for the beneffit of the breeder. France Aliplus, calls those techniques : the SENSICULTURE. GOOD SENSE & SMART AGRICULTURE with respect for the environment, in line with conservation agriculture and living soils.



  • Jésus de Lyon.
  • Apéritif lyonnais : grattons et saucisson.
  • Des pommes de terre "truffes"
  • la poularde truffée.
  • Tablier de sapeur.
  • Salade lyonnaise.


  • The Salaisons d’Auvergne Consortium brings together 13 regional charcuterie-cured meats companies as well as their suppliers (slaughter-cutting companies and regional breeder groups). .
  • Franchise HAMY Charcuterie developps in PHILIPPINES know how in Charcuterie from Auvergne Rhone alpes .