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What Does "French Touch Maison" Do

The implementation of “French Touch Maison” is one of the ambitions of the “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” in the Philippines. The “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” is the emanation of the COOP UNIVERS SOCIAL SOLIDARITE founded in 2019 in France in the form of a cooperative society of collective interests. This original legal form of company combines both the advantages of the commercial company and therefore the search for profitability of commercial operations but also the advantages of the solidarity concept of the association. The company “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” is therefore created on this model with the following characteristics:

- Vigilant co-optation of members
- Decision-making, management and monitoring committees
- Carefully controlled investments
- Leaders elected by specialized committees
- An egalitarianism of voting rights

This base makes it possible to develop:
- Collective projects involving all or part of the members
- Individual projects supported by the “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH”

The “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” is already putting forward a certain number of projects to illustrate its direction:
- Franchise Bonjour
- Franchise HAMy
- Kulinar GROUP

The Philippine legal format is a format that is based on principles equivalent to the European cooperative system. And the “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” and the “COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH” intend to carry out close operations with the Filipino and European cooperative networks, French in particular.

Economic missions will be carried out from France by the partner COOP USS and the development of a particular site, FRENCH TOUCH MAISON, for the marketing of French products is underway.

Why Create "French Touch Maison"

FRENCH TOUCH MAISON is the House of QUALITY products involving know-how and good manners generally called “French Touch”. Regional products from each region of France can be highlighted as can companies wishing to highlight certain products during their “promotion” operations. The COOPERATIVE QUALITY TOUCH cooperators can thus decide to participate in this or that sales or production operation according to their possibilities or their interests. The benefits are of all kinds: belonging to a team, developing supportive and financial ties in the event of success

When, Who and Where?

If you would like to develop one of our projects or submit your own: do not hesitate to contact us. We will carefully consider each suggestion. You will present your project to the ad hoc committee in charge of your sector and, depending on the case, other cooperators may join you to participate. Please write to: contact@frenchtouchmaison.com

The ball is now yours.

Over the coming years, the way that business through the web works will change at a great level - and "French Touch Maison" is the gamebreaker. Customers will expect options of where and how to buy: in-store or online, delivered or for pick-up. It’s an incredibly exciting time for this industry, and we’re going to be right at the centre of it.

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